Rp. -1 jt
Location : Jawa Barat.
Date : 8 February 2011

Tanggal: Hari ini
Condition: Lihat di deskripsi
Harga: Rp. 0 negotiable
Oleh: aqumasmotor
Member sejak: 08-02-2011
 Aqumasmotor JL. Babakan ciparay no.222 Bandung,
Tersedia bermacam Type motor Bekas HONDA dengan kondisi MULUS
mesin berGARANSI serta dapat Gratis servis + oli 2x,
pembayaran bisa CASH atau KREDIT,
persyaratan mudah,
proses pelayanan cepat dan tepat,
hub. 022 9383 4888 / 76 239 329.

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Price : Rp. -1.00 mil.
Item :
Seller :Contact : Jawa Barat..

For Sale: USED MOTOR WAREHOUSE YA AQUMAS .!!!< br /> Date: Today
Condition: See description
Price: Rp. 0 negotiable
By: aqumasmotor
Member since: 08-02-2011
Aqumasmotor JL. Babakan Ciparay no.222 Bandung,
There are a variety of Type Used HONDA motor with smooth conditions
engine warranty and free service to the oil + 2x,
payments can be CASH or CREDIT,
easy requirements ,
service process fast and precise,
hub. 022 9383 4888 / 19239329.

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